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A SmartPatrol monitoring jumps at the Mount St. Louis Moonstone Skoolyard terrain park

Making the world a safer place to play

Our SmartPatrol computer-vision technology performs real-time monitoring of high risk zones at ski resorts to reduce preventable accidents while providing better incident reporting and usage statistics for resort operators. 
Our SmartJump Service

Our SmartPatrol Service

The Problem 
Skier jumping into blind landing zone
Skiers & riders can't see blind spots creating a safety risk 


hours on average spent by ski resorts each season on incident reporting


individuals were hospitalized in Canada for injuries in terrain parks last year 

No video

of incidents or usage statistics 

The Technology 

SmartPatrol computer vision technology leverages state of the art Nvidia processors and proprietary algorithms, designed to monitor danger zone and prevent avoidable accidents.


SmartPatrol alerts uphill skiers and riders and notifies them when the landing zone is clear using high brilliancy, weather adaptive LED stop-lights installed on terrain park features.

The Solution 
Monitoring & Alerting System 
Real time alerting system informs skiers/riders if the landing areas is clear.
Customized Operator Portal
Access weekly incident and data reports tailored to your ski hill. 
Video Cataloging

Dramatically reduce incident reporting time and liability concerns.  

In the News
About Us

About Us

Sam Dugan .jpeg
Sam Dugan

Founder & CEO

An extreme sports enthusiast, Sam has been an avid skier since the age of 3. He also has a passion for Engineering and is currently pursuing a degree in Mechatronics from the University of Waterloo. Sam enjoys freestyle skiing and saw a clear opportunity to improve the safety of skiers and riders in terrain parks. He launched SmartPatrol and founded Vision Spatial Technologies to help reduce preventable accidents. 

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Dan pacey.jpeg
Dean Pacey

Business Development

Dean is an accomplished business executive with over 30+ year’s experience in senior management roles at BlackBerry, AT&T, Cannect Communications, and ACC TeleEnterprises. Dean is an active angel investor, mentor and consultant and serves on the board at a number of high-growth technology start-ups. As an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo, Dean teaches International Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Dean holds a BBA and a MSc in Technology Management.

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Mike Neudoerffer

Technical Advisor 

Mike has 25+ years of experience in software delivery and information technology. He is a proven leader with management experience at E42 Consulting Inc., Tessoro Technical Solutions, and VistaShift. Mike holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. 

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Tushar Singh


Tushar Singh has been working with and creating leading edge technology for over 20 years. With a focus on big data and artificial intelligence Tushar has supported companies in a variety of industries as a technology executive. Tushar continues to work on emerging technologies, such as machine learning and blockchain, and how these and other technologies can be utilized in novel ways.

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Matthew Nielsen

Software Architect

Matthew has experience as a software developer on teams that operate on the edge of what’s possible. He has a passion for developing massively scalable distributed systems and performance critical application code. Matthew is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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